Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in New Zealand, accounting for around 4,300 to 4,600 deaths per year. In addition, tobacco plays a significant role in health inequities within New Zealand. Higher smoking prevalence is seen among low-income groups, and Māori and Pacific.

In March 2011 the Government adopted the goal of reducing smoking prevalence and tobacco accessibility to minimal levels, thereby making New Zealand a ‘smokefree’ nation by 2025.

"Hāpai will be working to bring communities on board, leaders on board, nationally, regionally and locally..."

Zoe Hawke - Hāpai Te Hauora

Our Service

The Hāpai National Tobacco Control Advocacy Service facilitates engagement between a wide range of policy makers, decision makers/influencers that may include, Parliamentary Committees, the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards, NGOs, Primary Health Organisations, corporate decision makers, Media, Stop Smoking Service Providers, Council, Māori and Pacific Providers, iwi, local and national businesses, research and academic institutions, territorial local authorities, Crown agencies and communities to progress Smokefree 2025.

Our Tobacco Control Advocacy service utilises relationships and key influencers to spur increased ownership, and a positive view of Smokefree 2025, it identifies, delivers and promotes effective public health and advocacy interventions that will create and strengthen smokefree policies. Our role is also to increase public and media understanding of what will get us to 2025.

The four key objectives of all Hāpai tobacco control advocacy activities are:

  1. To reduce smoking initiation
  2. To increase quitting
  3. To reduce the social, economic and health harms of tobacco
  4. To reduce inequalities

The Link - National Tobacco Advocacy Service Resource Page

"The Link"; is your one stop shop for tobacco control resources. Feature areas of interest include: legislation; parliamentary website links; an easy guide on how to write a submission; and finding your Local DHB or Council. "The Link" also features printable and shareable resources for community activation – all here in one place.

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14 January, 2019

Radio NZ - 'A tobacco-free Māori nation is important'

Tobacco is four times more available in low-income communities compared to affluent ones, says a Māori health organisation.

tobacco control, supply reduction, tobacco control advocacy service

1 January, 2019

One News - 'Cigarette packs hit nearly $40 each as NZ rings in new year with new tax hike'

Smokers will be hit even harder in the pockets in 2019, with a 10 per cent excise tax being introduced as of today.

tobacco tax, tobacco control advocacy service

31 December, 2018

NZ Herald - 'Kiwi smokers urged to make New Year's switch to vaping for health and to avoid tax hike'

Smokers are being encouraged to switch to vaping when the Government's grip on their wallets tightens with a tobacco tax hike tomorrow.

vaping, tobacco control advocacy service, excise tax, e-cigarettes

13 December, 2018

Smoking prevention groups say vaping is still a safer alternative and a good way to kick the habit.

Mihi Blair, General Manager of the National Tobacco Control Advocacy Service speaks to Breakfast, "Vaping is still a safer alternative and a good way to kick the habit, despite one respiratory expe

tobacco control, e-cigarettes, tobacco control advocacy service

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