The Pacific Smokefree Network (PSN) and The National Tobacco Control Advocacy service is pleased to announce the relaunch of Tala Pasifika. This will support the national voice of tobacco control advocacy and beyond.

The Pacific Smokefree Network based in Tāmaki Makaurau has continued to provide ongoing support to its members. Keeping its members motivated, updated with the latest evidence-based information and motivated to keep Pacific tobacco control workforce and like-minded colleagues from other sectors to gain knowledge on how they can support Pacific peoples they meet in their daily work to reduce tobacco use.

Based on a long series of talanoa or inclusive conversations, the PSN membership felt it was time to create a platform where Pacific talanoa could take place and come together to create positive change collectively. We should not sit by and look to others for a solution – we need to create opportunities and support each other in coming together for positive community change. It is our responsibility to mobilise our Pacific brothers and sisters to be part of the solution. We are not in a position and do not have the resources to do this on our own.

Traditional Pacific concepts of collective community solutions to problem-solving is the spirit we need to harness if we are to succeed. We are stronger together, we can achieve more together and it is our hope that together we will be able to add our Pacific voices to bring about positive change for Pacific peoples.

The fast pace way in which we live today means we often don’t have time to come together to talanoa and get back to what is important in life – people, people, people. It is our Pacific people who are who along with our tangata whenua who are over-represented in tobacco use and poor health.

We look forward to providing the opportunity for Pacific peoples to talanoa, gather and share time to fellowship and work collectively to profile ways of increasing the wellness of all Pacific peoples in Aotearoa.

For more information, membership and launch registration – please feel free to email or phone Edward on +64 21 428 259