On the 12th of April, the National Coordination for SUDI Prevention Service from Hāpai Te Hauora are launching SUDI Prevention video resources for those working in the health sector. The resource seeks to prioritise Māori voices within the SUDI Prevention and health sector, to raise consciousness around the inequities experienced by whānau Māori.

"Ultimately, our priority is ensuring the health sector provides the best quality of care to whānau Māori. This looks like a system which is culturally safe and enhances the mana of the whānau" says Fay Selby-Law, National SUDI Prevention Service Manager.

"Our team are committed to supporting the reduction of the SUDI rate to 0.1 in every 1,000 births by 2025. In order to achieve this reduction, it is necessary that prevention services and programmes address the inequities experienced across populations where Māori babies are five to six times more impacted by SUDI than non-Māori. Through ensuring that whānau Māori have equal access to services, resources and are provided quality care we believe we will see better health outcomes for whānau Māori, which will reduce the SUDI national rate considerably in Aotearoa" says Selah Hart, Chief Operations Manager of Hāpai Te Hauora.

Over the last year Hāpai have worked with the design and creative team from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, to develop an online training programme that focuses on supporting the health sector to be best informed about SUDI prevention. The resource explores the top two modifiable risk factors that contribute to SUDI deaths, specifically smoking during pregnancy and bed-sharing. It also provides information about protective factors such as breastfeeding. Within the videos, there are tangible examples of how the sector can better engage with whānau and realise the strength and potential of taonga like wahakura and wānanga hapū which are Māori derived solutions.

"Working and collaborating with another Māori organisation to produce these training modules was imperative to us. It allows for Māori to have more autonomy over the narrative, the framing of health messages and communicate shared experiences. As whānau sit at the core of our vision for SUDI Prevention, it is important that the health resource training is grounded by the insights and expertise of a workforce whose worldview privileges whakapapa and whānau" says Nari Faiers, Workforce Development Lead.

There are 7 modules and these have been presented as a series of videos which showcase the insights and knowledge of those committed towards SUDI Prevention and whānau ora.

Launch details

Friday 12th April 2019 at 11am, concluding by 12.30pm

Location: Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Māngere Campus

15 Canning Crescent, Māngere, Auckland