Due Date: 
Monday, 30 April 2018
Submitting to: 
Royal Commission
Issue Area: 

The Commission is welcoming submissions from the public on the draft Terms of Reference.

The draft Terms of Reference for the Inquiry looks into the type of abuse that occurred to people while in state care, to establish how many people were affected, what the impact of this abuse is, what may have caused abuse to occur and lessons we can learn from the past.

The draft Terms also direct the Inquiry to look at how to prevent and respond to abuse in state care now, as well as what help can be offered to victims and survivors.

The draft Terms propose a key focus for the Inquiry is the impact of abuse in state care for Māori.

The draft Terms also propose the Inquiry considers how the experience of abuse may differ for Pacific people, disabled people, LGBTQI people, those with mental health issues and between genders.

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