New Zealand's first "no sugary drinks" logo has been produced in a bid to highlight the health damage from too much sugar in diets.

The logo has been devised by Auckland University marketing lecturer Dr Bodo Lang for health advocacy group FIZZ, of which he is a member.

It will be unveiled on today at a symposium - Toward a Sugary Drink Free Aotearoa - at Otago University's Wellington School of Medicine.

"Just like the smoke-free/auahi kore logo allowed people to draw a line in the sand against smoking, this new logo will empower communities to lift their health and wellbeing," Dr Lang said.

"It'll also send a clear message about the damage that excess sugar is causing."

Dr Lang said the symposium would look at progress made by individual schools and community groups, but would also address policy change. Click the link below to read more.

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