Friday, 25 August 2017

We are seeking rangatahi to be part of a collaborative project being led by Te Ohu Mana Rangatahi and Hapai te Hauora. KEI AU is a space that puts rangatahi at the centre of a discussion on decision making with a ‘by rangatahi, for rangatahi’ approach.

The objective is to empower them to understand civic engagement in a broad sense, and then consider voting as a choice within the bigger picture. KEI AU will facilitate discussion with rangatahi on:

  • ‘How does civic education for rangatahi affect their participation in decision making’ (How can rangatahi be empowered to become more active members of society and agents of change)
  • Understand the way rangatahi perceive their participation in society
  • What it means to be a member in their community
  • How this influences their decision to partake in other layers of social structures operating within Aotearoa.

Nga wananga – KEI AU will include 3 wananga spread over 3 months. This space will be led by members of Te Ohu Mana Rangatahi representing the ‘by rangatahi for rangatahi’ commitment of KEI AU.

Wananga Tuarua will include:

Gathering insights informed through group discussion and differing views within our whānau. This will include a filmed debate style event on Friday 25th August at 7pm with opposing viewpoints of two panels of guest speakers.

Confirmed guest speakers include:

  • Wikatana Popata
  • Chloe Swarbrick
  • Don Brash

To be apart of Wananga Tuarua, we need you to fill in this registration form to help with our numbers, and to identify any support requirements you have to attend. Click here to fill in your registration details:

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