Due Date: 
Wednesday, 4 April 2018
Submitting to: 
NZ Parliament
Issue Area: 
Well Child

The closing date for submissions is midnight on Wednesday, 04 April 2018.

The bill aims to reduce child poverty and improve the overall wellbeing of children.

The purpose of the bill is to:

  • encourage governments and society to focus on reducing child poverty
  • hold governments to account against published targets
  • require transparent reporting about levels of child poverty.

To achieve its purpose the bill would specify child poverty measures and ensure agencies work together to improve the wellbeing of children.

It would also require:

  • specific child poverty targets to be set
  • reports about child poverty to be produced and published independently of Ministers
  • the Government of the day to adopt, publish, and review a Government strategy for improving the wellbeing of all children, with a particular focus on child poverty and the needs of children at greater risk.

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