Australia leads by example in gambling harm reduction measures in the 2017 Budget. Hāpai Te Hauora and The Salvation Army urge Communications Minister Simon Bridges to consider similar regulatory interventions here. 
Today the Australian Federal Budget was announced, including a big win for gambling harm minimisation advocates. Gambling advertising will be banned during broadcasts of live sports matches before 8.30pm. Current restrictions limit gambling advertisements on television in Australia before 8.30pm but there has been a long held exemption for live sports. 
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told ABC News "Parents around Australia will be delighted when they know that during football matches, and cricket matches, live sporting events before 8:30pm, there will be no more gambling ads," he said.
"This is a strong and principled position by the Australian Federal Government to support whānau to be free from gambling harm. The influence of advertising is a reoccurring theme when having conversations about minimising the harm from products such as gambling, alcohol, sugar drinks and tobacco. " said Anthony Hawke General Manager Māori Public Health for Hāpai Te Hauora. 
“The advertising standards around gambling are more regulated here in New Zealand currently” said Lisa Campbell, National Operations Manager, The Salvation Army Oasis. “The Australian example of removing gambling advertisements is an indication of both a response to gambling harm reduction and an acknowledgement of the role advertising plays in the purchasing behaviour within our society.”
The New Zealand Code for Advertising Gaming and Gambling outlines the responsibilities of advertisers is here: