Adrian Te Patu
Strategic Advisor

Adrian has worked for various organisations including government departments and agencies, community organisations, education institutions, hospitals, health providers and also iwi. He began in public health working for Ngai Tahu Development Corporation seconded to Crown Public Health in the late 90’s. His involvement, knowledge, networks and links are wide-ranging with extensive experience in governance and leadership in public health, schools, not for profit, social service agencies, sports clubs and various government and local government roles.

Adrian’s unique perspective and effective approach has seen him sought after locally, nationally and internationally. His ability to work alongside a diverse range of providers, services and organisations and skill to astutely identify gaps, recommend and implement innovative solutions is highlighted in the variety of leadership, governance and advisory roles he has held in local, national, mainstream, Māori and international organisations.

Adrian has recently served as an elected member of the Christchurch City Council, through the initial quake period and currently represents the Asia and Pacific region on the governing council of the World Federation of Public Health Associations. He also currently serves as a co-vice president of the Public Health Association of New Zealand.

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